DIN EN 2563 / ASTM D 2344 short-beam strength


The 3-point-flexure test according DIN EN 2563 / ASTM D 2344 determines the short-beam strength of high-modulus fibre-reinforced composite materials.

Because the specimen is relatively short this is so called short beam specimen (SBS). Typically this test will performed at unidirectional specimen of carbon fibre plastic for aircraft industry.

The shear strength determined corresponds to the maximum shear stress in the damage of the neutral fibres of the test specimen. The interlaminar shearing stress is determined parallel to the laminate layers in order to obtain a qualification via the fibre and matrix connection.           
The tests acc. DIN EN 2563 and ASTM D 2344 are similar in execution and experimental design, but differ in the test specimen geometry, the test speed and the test tool.

Application note EN 2563 / ASTM D 2344 interlaminar shearing test

Target of test

Quality of gluing from resin à carbon fibre reinforcement

Test Equipment

Universal Testing Machine class 1


Load cell ~ 2.5 kN or higher (max. 25 kN)

Specimen preparation

Sawing, Milling


3-point-flexure tool


EN 2563

Tool Dimensions

Supports R3 mm | Fin R3 mm | support distanced 10 (+/- 0,1) mm


1 mm/Minute


L x b x h (1): 20 (+ 0.25) x 10 (+ 0.2) x 2 (+ 0.2)


ASTM D 2344

Tool Dimensions

Supports R1.6 mm | Fin R3.2 mm | Support Distanced 8 mm


1.25 mm/Minute


L / b / h : 25 mm x 6.4 mm x 2 mm


= MPa (shear strength


= force maximum in Newton


= measured specimen width (1)


= measured specimen thickness (1)


= Length of specimen (1)