Metrics – some information about measurement uncertainty

When comparing you will find that we achieve the smallest possible measuring uncertainty in all measured metrics. Only with this quality your lab / your machines will be assigned to get the highest possible measuring uncertainty grade.

When specifying the measurement uncertainty of your own test laboratories, the connection measurement uncertainty of the calibration officer has become a decisive quality feature. So may decline by a factor of 2 your own measurement uncertainty when the uncertainty of your service provider reveals a minimalist equipment. The calibration of SCHÜTZ + LICHT Prüftechnik GmbH can due to its excellent technical equipment to work with the smallest possible measurement uncertainty that can be awarded for an on-site calibration at all.

Below you will find a list of accredit metrics by the PTB according to ISO 17025 metrics:

  • Hardness (Hardness Vickers Brinell Rockwell)
  • force (tensile testing machines / compression testing machines)
  • extensometer
  • pendulum impact tester

See measuring range as part of the PDF of complete accreditation cert