Used, retrofited universal testing machines

It does not pay to purchase a used machine for small forces.

This because we have to buy, transport, overhaul mechanical, paint, modernize with new electronic and software, grant warranty (for old parts)...
Only starting at forces

  •   50 kN - Universal testing machines with mechanical drive
  • 200 kN - tensile specimen machines hydraulic type

are (from commercial point of view) suitable to think about an used machine.

After the machine is retrofitted in our plant (mostly with new electronic) this machine covers all demands for accuracy according standards and ergonomic use. This machines are an equivalent to a new machine. But this has to be checked case by case. From some competitor we know that a retrofitted machine is more expensive than our GALDABINI machines.

Please indicate your requirements - we will offer possible alternatives - new and used
At our stock we have several used tensile and universal testing machines of the leading brands:
ZWICK 1488 - universal testing machine 200 kN with central spindle (ball bearing) - with retrofit Unitest
UTS 200 kN - universal testing machine 200 kN with central spindle - with retrofit Unitest
ZWICK 1478 - universal testing machine 100 kN 2 ball bearing spindle - with retrofit Unitest
WOLPERT TZZ 100 universal testing machine / tensile test machine 100 kN 2 ball bearing spindle - with retrofit Unitest
WOLPERT U60 - 600 kN hydraulic universal testing machine
LOSENHAUSEN UPM 60 - 600 kN hydraulic universal testing machine

Used machines are not in any case the less expensive choice
Unless it is not a very special cases (bankruptcy company, close of plants...) the cost of used machines have to over
- purchasing, transportation, storage at stock
- spare parts, repairing and painting
- modernizing - exchange old measuring systems / electronic (pendulum indicator, DOS-Software etc.
- new delivery, calibration, warranty

We recommend to ask every time also for an offer for new equipment: Our new machines are often less expensive than used machine form competitors.

Technical limits of used machines

For example at an old hydraulic machine with into the load frame integrated grips (with plunger piston and wedge grips) it is mostly not possible to integreate an extensometer contacting the specimen until rupture (measuring e-modulus, Rp0.2 but also Ag and A). When the specimen will brake without necking the piston / heads of machine will jump and destroy the extensometer

Because the clamping heads are part of the frames following machines are not suitable for contact extensometers up to rupture:

We are lucky to serve you with an offer -  contact us