Video punch / press for sheet metal tensile specimen

Stanzen 650 | 1200 | 1500 | 2000 | 2500 kN

Delivered sheet metal tensile blanking machines ZS2000C to ...

Since 1970 we delivered hundreds of punches. The biggest press with c-frame shape we delivered to:

  • SAAR-BANDSTAHL GmbH - Völklingen (Germany)
  • BRASMETAL Brasilien - Sao Paulo (Brazil)
  • F&K Werkstoffprüfung - Schwerte (Germany) third party lab sheet metal test
  • ArcelorMittal - Dofassco - Canada
  • KNAUF INTERFER - Nürtingen (Germany)
  • ThyssenKrupp - Krefeld (Germany)

In nearly any cases today a c-shape frame is the typical design of the presses for sheet metal tensile specimen preparation. Our improved design allows forces up to 200 t (2‘000 kN). With this c-shape design of punch and tools it is possible to cut specimens from unlimited sized sheet metal plates. Now it is no longer required to pre-cut s parallel strip from you plate to insert into a closed tool.

At c-frames you have to change the tools. With our quick changing system this is done within seconds (typically less than 30 seconds – also if you use more than only 2 tools). For additional changing tools our presses are equipped with beside parking desk for up to 8 tools.

The c-frame press (for a single tool) is only one type of design. There are also available C-frame types as TWIN / TRIPPLE / QUATTRO – variant. Using this variants means: "Ready to Go" at any time: Insert the sheet metal plate into the fixed c-shape tools and press START to receive your dog bone sheet metal tensile specimen / dumbbell sheet metal tensile specimen within seconds ...

Below you will find some photos of delivered presses

 At SCHÜTZ+LICHT we are delivering not only a press: We are delivering a solution which is optimised to your requirements:

- blanking presses with enough reserves
- punching dies with customised thickness ranges
- tensile specimen grinding machine for one / several tensile specimens shapes

ZS1200CN-150 tensile specimen blanking of hard material (hot deforming / hot stamping)


Beginning of 2014 we delivered a very special blanking press ZS1200CN-150 mm stroke for to punch hot deformend / hot stamping sheet metal to:

  • voestalpine Polynorm - Germany - Schwäbisch Gmünd
  • BENTELER                       - Slowakia - Malacky
  • voestalpine Polynorm - USA - WHITE GA 30184
  • TWB Company, L.L.C.  - USA - MI 48162 Monroe (Michigan)
  • BENTELER                       - Tschechien - Klasterec (Zatec)

The unique desing of this system is to blank material (sheet metal) with a tensile strength of 1650 MPa.
Additional we designed a quick changing system for die and die palte. So the tensting staff is able to change this spare parts withn 10 minutes. Spare parts can be send for sharpeing by parcel service.

Because using two different tensile specimen shapes (A50 und A30) and two different thickness ranges we delivered totaly four changeable tools. The press itself is equipped with two parking desk and y quick changing system of tools <30  seconds.

Link to product page specimen grinding machine PSM2000

TWIN blanking press ZS 600 + 1000 CN for sheet metal tensile specimen 

At ThyssenKrupp Finnentrop (Germany) we delivered customized blanking press with 2 working area: TWIN ZS600+1000 (forces 600 + 1‘000 kN). 

The multiple tools deliver with one punch:

  • 2 sheet metal tensile specimens in rolling direction
  • 1 sheet metal tensile specimens traversal to rolling direction
  • 1 sheet metal tensile specimens diagonal to rolling direction
  • 1 circulare blank for measuring the zinc layer
  • 6 specimen punches c-frame for sheet metal tensile specimens
  • 1 specimen grinding machine

production for WISCO STEEL (CHINA)

Full automated sheet metal plate handling system for sheet metal tensile specimens system SHOUGANG

Full automated handling system
for sheet metal plats
SHOUGANG overview photo

The robot gripper arm takes
sheet metal plate from the container

The vacuum gripper positions plate
on inclined table for centring



In 2008 / 2009 we delivered a full automated system for SHOUGANG CHINA:

  • at about 15 rolling mills sheet metal plates are taken from rolling belt
  • at the rolling mill (shearing) a label with matrix will be placed on to the plate for identification
  • the plates will be put into special containers (which are suitable to insert into the automated system) and will be delivered to our system
  • containers will be inserted into the automated punching system
  • after starting the system the robot gripper (with label reader) identifies the plate
  • from HOST PC thickness and dimension of belt (rolling width) will be transferred to our system
  • the specimen plate will be taken by a vacuum gripper from container
  • by sensor the dimensions of the plates are checked now
  • now the gripper are lays down the plate in inclined table: Table slides down for centring
  • vacuum gripper takes centred plate again and takes is to label printer to label each single specimen with own label
  • depending on thickness and needed tensile specimen shape the robot will insert the plate in one of the four punches (left area ISO6892-1 specimen) / right area for JIS / ASTM specimens)
  • blanked specimen are sliding down and outside the system to be collected for testing
  • done sheet metal plates will be dropped into a scarp container
  • a new cycle can be started

TWIN blanking presses C-frame with 2 multi tools (part of automated system of SHOUGANG - CHINA)

  • left working area ISO6892 specimens
  • right working area JIS / ASTM specimens
  • blanking specimens in 0 + 45 + 90° rolling direction
  • blanking specimens in 0° rolling direction

Presse 7500 kN for SAUDI ARABIA