Founded in 1970 by Klaus Schütz


The reputation of SCHÜTZ + LICHT are based on fundamental claims

- technical competence

- honesty

- fair pricing

Since 1970 - a good start


The individual steps of development, visit the below chronology.

History - timetable (backwards)

  • 2013 development a new concept for specimen preparation: Now we are able to punch and grind also specimen up to 12 mm (delivery of 7.500 kN and 5.000 kN press to Saudi-Arabia)

  • 2013 extending the portfolio to ZEISS metal microscopes

  • 2013 extensing the DakkS - accreditation according ISO17025 also for calibration of material testing machines according ASTM

  • 2012 in the meantime the market recognized: GALDABINI testing machines are positioned in the top level of quality fpr fair prices. Because of this reputation S+L after 8 years growing becomes the number two on German market (in terms of numbers of sold machines)

  • 2011 extending the portfoili for new microscopes "Made in Germany" (own brand NAZAR): metal microscopes with magnification up to 1000x, macro-microscopes, stereo-microscopes

  • 2011 improvement of the CMS CameraMeasuringSystem with overview camera: automatic positioning by mouse click marking

  • 2010 extending the portfolio by sales support for GALDABINI deep drawing presses

  • 2008 developing our own full automatic hardness testing system (Level 4): Atomation for hardness testing for CHD / RHT /U NHT , welding and a lot more

  • 2009 extending the portfolio for sales support for GALDABINI straitening machines

  • 2008 re-auditing our calibration lab according DIN EN ISO 17025 by PTB

  • 2008 developing a notch milling machine for Charpy notches (plastic specimen)

  • 2008 developing a robot handling system for sheet metal plates: Bringing the plates by robot arm into a specimen punch

  • 2008 developing a semi-automatic hardness testing system CMS with motorized xy-stage

  • 2007 extending product portfolio for METKON Ltd – metallographic specimen preparation

  • 2006 extending product portfolio for INNOVATEST (hardness tester Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell)

  • 2005 Change name of the company to SCHÜTZ + LICHT Prüftechnik GmbH
  • 2004 GALDABINI authorized the company as the exclusive distributor and service for Universal + pendulum impact testers in D / A / CH

  • 2002 Recertification of the calibration laboratory according to DIN EN ISO 17025 by the PTB

  • 2001 Development of a new electronics for the control and evaluate of Universal testing machines system UNITEST" (hydraulic and spindle machines)

  • 1999 Complete the range of services for the DKD - calibration of material testing machines: metrics (pendulum impact)

  • 1997 the company is authorized by the manufacturer as service company for EMCO Test Testers in Germany (together with HAHN & KOLB)

  • 1997 The SCHÜTZ Prüftechnik GmbH merged with a partner company – later this becomes
    SCHÜTZ + LICHT Prüftechnik GmbH

  • 1996 Accreditation as DKD - Calibration Laboratory acc. ISO 17025 by the PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt) – Braunschweig

  • 1995 Development of modernization for impact testers using rotary encoder, counter electronics and PC software

  • 1994 Development / launching of the first, non-vendor-specific modernization of screen glass hardness testers: digital scale SHP150. This principle was subsequently copied by all competitors

  • 1991 Mr. Wolfram Schütz joined the company. The product range improved for used testing machines

  • 1988 Sales launch of system for evaluation with software on universal testing machines (modernization)

  • 1970 Mr. Klaus Schütz († 2005) founded SCHÜTZ Prüftechnik KG
    - Developing / sales of sample preparation machines (in 1970 a patent for grinding machinePSM2000)
  • - sales of testing machine (new / used)