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  Tensile test machines | Universal testing machines

   Impact testing machines | notch brochaing machine

   Sheet metal tensile specimen preparation

   DAkkS calibration service

... Our comprehensive program offers a wide range for destructive mechanical testing equipment and service. The offered products / suppliers have been carefully selected to offer highest quality at fair prices

GALDABINI Tensile,- Impact,- Straitening,- Universal Testing Machines

  • tensile testing machines / universal testing machines
    Meets the highest expectations, capable to perform complex or standard tests.
    Let us show our competence ...    
  • impact tester
    comfortable + safe to operate, robust in use: also for 900 impact test per day ...  
  • straitening machines
    leading products for straitening by bending

INNOVATEST Hardness Testing Machines

Metal Hardness Tester
For every requirement the right machine - whether favourable base equipment or reference class
(outside Germany, Austria, Switzerland - see Innovatest website)

METKON Specimen Preparation

Metallographic Specimen Preparation Machines
robust and reliable quality products for daily metallographic sample preparation
(outside Germany, Austria - see Metkon website)


Whether you expect machine from reference class or inexpensive basic equipment with simple requirements: At comparably high quality of testing machines we usually offer a price advantage:

Unmet Quality at highly Competitive Pricing

Thousands customers from leading brands, medium-size business and small companies trust on our experience since 1970 and serious consultation. We do deliver only European quality equipment, our own systems for sheet metal tensile specimen preparation and DAkkS - calibration:

We serve more than >1.000 customers with >4.000 testing machines. Based on our experieance, knowledge and honestly consultation we became one of the leading suppliers for material testing equipment. We see ourselves as a competent supplier to solve your testing requirements - for typical or individual solutions. 

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