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New products in metallography!

Fully automated metallography

Trade Fair 23. - 26.04.2024


New Patent application July 2023

PSM2000-A sheet metal tensile samples

Revolutionary hardness tester

NEXUS 7700G2 Lens change <10sec.


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Material Tester FRAUNHOFER IWU

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Products - Material testing machines


Tensile / Universal Testing Machines

Load frame 2.5 - 2000 kN | 0.02N - 2MN

Metallography from the specialist

Cutting Embedding Grinding Polishing

Hardness tester manual automatic

Vickers Knoop Brinell Rockwell

Pendulum impact testers metal plastic

0,5 - 750 Joule

GALDABINI - IMPACT testing machine

according ISO148 + ASTM E23 for Charpy / Izod specimen

impact tester

  • comfortable to use
  • safe to operate
  • robust in use: also for 900 impact test per day ...
  • very stiff frame with support on the column
  • motorized hammer


METKON metallography - technology behind specimen

Tensile Specimen Preparation from SCHÜTZ+LICHT

The non-plus-ultra in specimen preparation of sheet metal tensile specimen

punching tools + specimen grinding machine PSM2000

  • the non-plus-ultra for sheet metal tensile specimen perparation
  • from sheet to ready to test tensile specimen <3 minutes
  • 1A quality of tensile specimen for accurate results and high elongation
  • remove cold hardened edge <2 Minuten
  • the ONLY solition for press hardened / hot deforming tensile specimen

notch broaching machine for impact testing specimen (reseller welcome)



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