Plastic notch milling machine notch impact test specimens according to ISO 179 / 180

KFF precision for exact results

For the efficient production of exact notches on impact bending specimens ISO 179 / 180 and others.

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The conventional production of specimens for impact tests is associated with considerable effort.  The specimens prepared by injection moulding, planing or milling have to be precisely inserted into a milling machine and the milling cutter positioned in the conventional way, which is time-consuming.


The KKF is different: here, the prepared test bars are clamped in a fixture in a matter of seconds and the start button is pressed. A sample holder that corresponds exactly to the impact test specimen ensures that the notch is inserted in the centre. A stack of 20 samples is clamped in a vice and the milling process can begin immediately.

Customised sample holders can be designed for other sample shapes - tailored to your requirements.


Carrying out notch work / using the machine

  • Main switch - electronics boot up for approx. 20 seconds
  • Insert samples, clamp, close protective cover
  • Press START: Milling cycle starts (feed and automatic repositioning)
  • Remove samples, clamp next batch ...

The milling area is protected from unauthorised access by a locking protective housing - there is no danger to personnel. Together with the milling process, a 220V socket is connected and an industrial hoover is started to collect the milling chips.

German precision machine with extremely fast milling spindle and 4-fold milling cutter ensure an extremely good cutting pattern: The roughness of the notch is extremely low and thus the results of your notch impact test increase to the true values without breaking prematurely.

KKF Plastic notch milling cutter ISO 179

Machine description Plastic notch milling machine KKF

The KKF plastic notch milling machine is equipped with an extremely fast rotating precision spindle. A disc cutter with V-notch knife is mounted on this spindle. The combination of the high speed and 4 milling cutters ensures that the milling process is extremely fast. As a result, the individual chip is only a few thousandths of a mm thick and is removed without the sample material being compressed (no compaction or crushing = no damage). The roughness of the milling is extremely low. This ensures that the results of the notched bar impact test are generally higher than those of samples produced with simple, usually manually operated, very slow hand crank milling cutters/planes.

The transversely clamped impact tests are performed under the rotating disc cutter using a specimen clamp (clamping vice) mounted on a traversing carriage. The machine can be described as a reference machine: The German market leader in the plastics sector had this machine (or its predecessor) specially developed by us and purchased it for all its plants worldwide.

The speed of the disc cutter and the feed rate can be infinitely adjusted. The notch depth is set via the height adjustment and then fixed. The machine complies with CE safety requirements and is equipped with a protective housing that is locked during the milling process. The very small, extremely light chips are collected during operation by a powerful industrial extraction system.

- Table machine with heavy, low-vibration machine body
- Backwards inclined design for easy insertion of samples
- Sample holder for 20 impact samples (plastic)
- Disc cutter with 4 carbide-coated cutting edges, shank Ø 6 mm, cutter Ø cutting range 12 mm
- Air-cooled high-frequency milling spindle 2.2 kW, speed 5000 - 24000 rpm
- Speed control via frequency converter
- Carriage feed with 3 Nm torque, max. feed rate 12,000 mm/min
- Duration of milling / return (total cycle) approx. 5 - 25 seconds
- Spindle speed and milling feed infinitely variable
- Polycarbonate protective bonnet, locked during operation
- Milling cutter cover with hoover connection nozzle
- Weight: open approx. 100 kg

- Clamp up to 20 samples and close protective housing (locks automatically)
- Start: carriage moves to the left, notch is milled, carriage moves back
- Milling spindle stops, door unlocks, remove samples