Universal Testing Machine QUASAR 2.5

Also the smallest GALDABINI universal testing machine is controlled by BECKHOFF electronic

Now available: Extensometer elongations >1200%

This smallest type of GALDABINI universal testing machine typically is used for forces between 0.02 - 2500 N (requires several load cells). After the re-design now also this type uses the same electronic and software as the bigger 2-column-testing machine of QUASAR series.

Based on the new electronic this machine now supports also tensile tests on material with high elongation (PP Polypropylene, PU Polyurethane, PE Polyethylene, rubber) with high stroke extensometer.

Until now this machine and software didn't reached a boarder: All customer requirements we was able to fulfil with this powerful system and complete software: With other words: This equipment meets and exceeds your expectations for tensile tests according ISO527, rubber ASTM D 638, ISO 37, ASTM D 412, DIN 53504 etc.

All basic and even customized test procedure you may configure by using the integrated test wizard or by our web support assistance. Typical material for to be tested with this machine type are: plastic, textile, yarn, wire, rubber, paper and metal / wire (with small cross-sections). Some of the most important applications is the component testing and the testing of components as they are carried out at

ThyssenKrupp Dortmund

peeling test at LITECORE

Heraeus Medical GmbH

Medical testing

Schunk Kohlenstofftechnik GmbH

compression test

certoplast Vorwerk & Sohn GmbH

peeling test on tapes



The machine is designed with a high resolution for force, stroke and extension (200.000 increments each channel) and supports testing speeds (full load) from 0.0005 - 1'000 mm / minute. The testing machine together with the control- and evaluation software GRAPHWORKS the ideal tool to perform standard or complex tests. 

Impressive is the ease of use testing software which can be trained within a few hours. This powerful software always comes as a complete package and supports all typical national and international testing norms – you will never need to purchase an additional software / module to perform your individual tests. Additional you are free to create your own test by free programmable test sequence and individual results by using integrated formula editor or outsourced EXCEL calculations with feedback of extreme complex results.

You may find further details on our leaflet. Also our professional sales team will answer your detailed questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us (Link to contact page)

Available load frame: forces up to 2.5 kN
Available load cells: 10 | 50 | 100 | 250 | 500 | 1.000 | 2.500 N

Photos of delivered tensile test machine and equipment