GALDABINI straightening machines


GALDABINI straightening machines are well-known because of their flexibility, accuracy and high productivity


How can GALDABINI help you to improve your productivity and product quality through straightening?


The straightening of products can be a complex process: 

  • measuring of workpiece deformation
  • evaluating deviations in relation to the requested tolerances
  • pushing on the part to reduce its deformations


Which factors do cause a deformation?

  • heat treatment
  • stresses from manufacturing processes
  • material handling


Why is straightening a key factor for higher productivity and reducing of cost?

  • straightened parts decreases time / costs for next production step: less turning and less grinding
  • final geometry will be with less tolerances (more uniform, better gear geometry)
  • while straightening process the parts are checked inside the process (100 % inspection)


Why is GALDABINI the leading supplier?

GALDABINI is the number one supplier of straightening systems around the world. It's leading role is reached by 

  • long term experience since decades of years
  • numbers of supplied machines (means: GALDABINI already solved also your problem)
  • the unique controller system with self-learning software, touch screen interface and easy to manage straightening software - also for complex processes

GALDABINI already knows your demands and supplies turnkey straightening solutions with high reliability and best precision, suitable for shafts, bars, tubes, profiles, rings, forms,  axis, guides and ...