QUASAR universal testing machines 5 - 100 kN: tensile, compression, flexure, cyclic tests

They are typically used for static test like

  • Tensile test: metal ISO6892-1 (method A + B), plastic ISO527, rubber DIN 53504 …
  • Compression test: e.g. metal DIN 50106, components in automotive / industry, assemblies, spring testing …
  • Flexure test: e.g. metal DIN EN ISO 7438, plastic EN ISO 178, flexure test on welding's …
  • Cyclic tests: e.g. Mechanical fatigue of specimen (low dynamic), components …
  • Tear test, peeling test, shearing test , friction test and much more

With this kind of universal testing machine you may perform tests on all kind of materials like metal, wood, textile, composite, plastic PP PU GFK CFK and other materials, components and structures.

The table top version of QUASAR Universal testing series are available as single column (QUASAR 2.5 kN) or as double column version for maximum forces of 5 | 10 | 25 | 50 | 100 kN. Additional there are available heavy load machine like QUASAR floor standing models forces 200 - 2.000 kN

The high performance and longevity are granted by a careful concept and a stiff monarchical structure and state of the art German electronic. This particular in accordance with the traditional "GALDABINI - Quality".

accuracy and resolution

The resolution and accuracy of electronic and sensors (load cell, crosshead stroke measuring, extensometers and other measuring probes) are state of the art (200.000 digits each channel) and supports also complex applications and test with need of fast data acquisition. The plot of the graph / data columns and the evaluation of the results are done by the powerful testing software GRAPHWORK.

This software is ergonomic in use and allows free programmable test sequences. The quality of this software is mostly used as a reference for this type of machine and comparable to the quality and performs of the market leaders – expect more, see the difference.

In the meantime in the industry GALDABINI testing machines are recognized as a top quality equipment for astonishing reasonable price: This machine series is the answer of GALDABINI for "highest quality for fair price.

Because of the quality, the price and not at least because of the leading after sales service within only 7 years our company became the number 2 on German market (numbers of sold machine per year). As you may assume: To produce this high quality is a question of number and focussing on standard machines. Only because of limiting to standard machine in big lots we are able meet and exceed your expectations for quality-price-ratio. Please do not hesitate to ask for details / offer