Universal Testing Machines / Tensile Testing Machines

QUASAR testing machines are the answer for the question: quality at a fair price

Floor standing machines for forces up to 200 | 250 | 600 | 1.000 | 1.200 | 2.000 kN

Some open words to choose a tensile testing machine

A tensile testing machine will be purchased not every day. This must be well thought out so that your investment is for a long term (ideally for 30 or more years). Quality is the first point has to be fulfilled - a must - no question. But "quality" is an argument of each supplier of this machines - even if this product is made in China. Ultimately your purchase has to be origin from Europe. But is well known enough? To choose a high quality for best quality - price ratio means to check:

  • How long does this company exist and is the future support save?
  • Does this manufacturer has enough experience that your particular application or technical problem can be solved?
  • In case of damage is an onsite service quickly and efficiently to provide?
    (Although a new tensile tester actually not likely to go faulty)
  • The equipment is generally suitable?
    It is often (even of well-known international companies) a load cell touted as having motor testing machine
  • Are suitable clamping tools and strain gauges to provide?
  • offered by local players to solve available to even the most demanding inspection tasks sufficient know-how?

GALDABINI exists since 1890 and supplied >10.000 machines


Until now not even one GALDABINI - tensile / universal testing machine has shown a breakdown of load frame. The technique of these testing machines is positioned in top range using following features and items:

  • constrution done by FEM Finite Elemente Method - stiff load frames with enough capcity against overload
  • ball bearing spinles from company STAR
  • BECKHOFF electronic - cusomized programmed by GALDABINI software technicians
  • load cells class 05 (from 1/100 of nominal capacity) class 1 (from 1/500 of nominal capacity)
  • Italian / European AC motor
  • hydraulic clamping heads made by GALDABINI with aggregates from HAWE
  • advanced extensometers made by GALDABINI


Not only the technical equipment will grant a perfect running machine ...

More over the perfect interaction of all components decides if the machine is a top choice. So it is important that the manufacturer holds the core competence. And just here GALDABINI differs from many of its competitors - with own constructions, own research and development of machines and components and own production of extensometers up to contactless laser speckle systems.

And even at user interface GALDABINI set's a benchmark with unmatched material and component testing software Graphwork

                                                   Universal testing machine without limits

Graphwork is the unique solution for to control and evaluate test of components or material properties. This software is extremely flexible but simple in configuration and efficient in use. After a few minutes you will start your own test, after a view hours you will be able to create your own professional test. And not at least: With our remote support by Teamviewer we are on your side if you like to solve complex testing requirements.


You have to create a new testing method?

No problem – Graphwork is a full package solution and contents all typical methods for static testing machines (contents modules for:  tensile, compression, flexure and cyclic testing).You will never need to purchase an additional module: Configure your tensile, compression, flexure or cyclic method according standards or customized settings. Open the wizard and answer point by point the shown questions and you will guided to your new method.


You are missing a result?

Please choose from more than 600 ready prepared results or create your personalized result by use of integrated formula editor or by outsourcing / re-import the result via MS-EXCEL. Until now all testing and evaluation requirements we were able to solve without redesigning the software … Let us show how perfect this equipment will fit to your needs – in our new show room (85 m²) in Langenfeld (between Düsseldorf / Cologne) or one of our hundreds of satisfied customers – we will find one close to your company location.


Highest quality for fair prices, qualified service, competence and reputable consultation.

Since 1970…

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