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Which machine is perfect for ISO 527?

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No matter whether the specimen has been taken out of a finished component or from a semi-finished product, has been punched or extruded: A GALDABINI material testing machine is suitable for all tensile test on plastic and all kinds of specimens with different stiffness. You can choose between various types of machines with different capacities and a wide range of extensometers (for elastomers, rigid foams, soft foams, foils, stretch foils, for highly elastic hard plastics and for extremely stiff materials). GALDABINI offers tensile test machines with the ideal equipment for any kind of material. Different load frames type QUASAR


You are not sure about the needed maximum force?

Simply send us some specimen, we will do some preliminary tests and advise you on your needs. GALDABINI has manufactured and installed thousands of material testing machines - thus ensuring that we can meet any type of test requirement including yours.

The testing machines are leading the way in quality, offering high-quality German and European components. GALDABINI is one of the few manufacturers that produce their own extensometers. Moreover, the company manufactures the main structural components on their own machining centres. This is what distinguishes GALDABINI from other machine assemblers. Since GALDABINI is itself manufacturer of the testing machines, they have the know-how concentrated in their own hand to assure that all hardware and software components are always perfectly matched to one another and operate smoothly.




Interested in plastic tensile test machine?

We are - since 1970 - active on the market for testing equipment knowing your testing demands: We Know How

Ask us - we will fairly recommend the most suitable equipment for reasonable price with the layout for your material properties:
- tensile test machine
- extensometer
- clamping heads
- customized tables
- PC technique

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  • ELAST long-travel extensometer for elongations up to 1200 %
  • MICRON  long-travel extensometer for elongations up to 1200 % with additional fine measuring system (1 µm resolution) for high resolution measurements of tensile modulus / elastic modulus / Young's modulus
  • MICRON MOTOR extensometer with automatic setting of L0 (with varying specimen geometries)
  • Video extensometer (1µm resolution) for longitudinal elongation and optionally for Poisson's ratio

Typical clamping heads for ISO 527 / ISO 38

Suitable grips

  • parallel closing clamps (manual or pneumatic)
  • eccentric roller grips or scissor grips for rubber or elastomer
  • wedge grips or wedge vise grips for hard plastics