Modernization of universal / tensile testing machines


This modernization corresponds to the performance of a new machine and grants all state of the art features.

Our customers particularly appreciate the efficient work with the user-friendly software. No other software allows performing a test with less steps of operating steps (standalone machines). Automatic export of results, automatic storing of results into a database, statistic including CP + CPK values are a stand – usual as the fulfilling of the German / European and international standards for testing like ISO 6892…

In 1998 we introduced our first digital electronics. In 1999 / 2000 we extended with a modul to control the universal testing machine. The success of the system is based on the ergonomic and lean operation, the soild technique as well as the excellent quality / price ratio (comparable German providers in some cases even 50%).

Why should a testing machine to be modernized?


To replace aged or old style measuring equipment like

  • pendulum indicator with mechanical drum chart writer
  • analogue electronic recorders with manual hand evaluation
  • analogue electronic controllers hand operated rotary potentiometer
  • electronics that run only with DOS software / old operating systems 95/98/2000 / XP

offers many advantages: 

  • Reduction of test preparation (no adjusting of measuring range, XY recordes)
  • Readout -, manual calculation of results + transmission errors of results are excluded
  • Testing technician will be released from manual calculation of test results (evaluation of paper diagrams, manual calculations …)
  • clearly print out certificate from test results
  • Data export into QM systems or databases of your company
  • Reduction of service expenses (freedom from wear of the measuring system)
  • Less expensive calibration: Only one measuring range (1-100%)