Sheet metal tensile specimen: Improve preparation time + specimen quality

From sheet metal plate to highest quality: Sheet metal tensile specimen preparation <3 minutes!

Since 1970 we are the first address for machines for high quality sheet metal tensile specimen preparation equipment

  • tensile specimen punching / blanking presses
  • tensile specimen cutting tools
  • specimen grinding / finishing machine

Totally we supplied (on this niche market) about 80 % of all specimen preparation machines in Europe. On our delivery list you won't miss any importunate company in sheet metal industry: ThyssenKrupp, ArcelorMittal, voest-alpine, Salzgitter, WISCO, WUHAN  and further 100 huge and small companies around the world.

Our presses are special designed for specimen preparation in tensile sheet metal testing industry. By limiting the application field for only this task we are able to design our punches for reasonable prices - less expensive than new presses for production of sheet metal components (tasks like deep drawing processes, sheet metal deforming). Typical presses (forces) for sheet metal tensile specimen blanking. As result of the improvement of sheet metal grades the tensile strength of the sheet metal plates increases more and more. Even in the range of hot deforming. Today the typical press for sheet metal testing industry is a punch with 1000 or 1200 kN (100 to 120 tons). But also we offer presses up to 1500 and 2000 kN (150 / 200 metric tons) in c-shape.

Solutions for specimen blanking of hot deformed materials / press hardening / hot deforming

More and more the automotive industry requires solutions for specimen preparation of hardened materials form hot deforming / tailored blanks. Also for this we have a solution -  please let us know your application requirements.

Limits of sheet metal tensile specimen preparation by blanking
Because with only one tool it is impossible to blank all thickness ranges (limits: 0.05 - 8.0 mm - new: Up to 12 mm thickness) mostly more than one tool are required (depending on the range of your application). For higher forces (thickness ranges) in former times presses with closed frames was the standard. As a result of a redesign with respect to a finite element calculation since several year we deliver also a C-frame presses with a capacity 2000 kN. In 2013 we designed also a new O-frame blanking machine for sheet metal with a thickness range of 12 mm (force of press ZS3000OV are 3000 kN). The advantage on this machine is to use also C-frame tools.

The advantages of all our solutions are: You don't need to pre cut your sheet metal plates: Just insert your "unlimted" big plates.

New: Blanking machine with a capacity for 7500 kN (750 tons) for Saudi-Arabian Steel company HADEED (SABIC GROUP).